I ♥ Rebocon!!! Haha…

What’s Rebocon? Katekyo Hitman Reborn Vongola’s Strongest Concert, otherwise known as Rebocon, is a concert in Japan where the seiyus of the characters came together and did a concert-like show. For the concert, the seiyus would act mostly like their characters and sometimes wear costumes to match the character. They would sing some of their recent character songs and have a little talk session.

I have watched all of the Rebocon videos available (chinese subtitled >///<) which are Rebocon 2008, Rebocon 2 (2009), Rebocon 3 in Tokyo, Rebocon 3 in Nagoya, and Rebocon 3 in Kobe. I’m looking forward to watch Rebocon 4 ~RED~ and ~BLUE~ which the DVD will be out next year (19 Jan for RED and 16 Feb for BLUE). Oh yes! I almost forget about Rebocon in Taipei. Must go and find out whether it’s being subbed or not…

I have downloaded Rebocon 2008, Rebocon 2009 and Rebocon in Kobe. Unfortunately I can’t download Rebocon in Tokyo and Nagoya, coz the torrents’ out of seeder, and I can’t find it on file hosting sites, so I just watch it online @ Tudou, but I preferred downloaded one as it’s clearer…

Anyway, I love to see the backstage part >///< Many funny things can happen there… Haha ♥ ♥ ♥

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